Episode 5

Published on:

14th Dec 2023

Outperforming by Selling Options on Stocks We Own

In this episode, I talk about the extreme perspectives of the stock market held by different market participants and then give my perspective of how we can sort of walk a middle path. How we can do better than over-diversification and how such a strategy can still be sane and risk controlled. Selling options on stocks we own.

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Yield Guide
Welcome to 'The Yield Guide'. As the founder of Tiblio, I frequently receive questions about investing, particularly in stock options and options strategies. This podcast is my channel to answer those questions and speak directly to you. I don’t intend to parrot big finance, nor will I bore you or waste your time with bland, watered down information. I hope to save you from many of the mistakes that I’ve made trying things that just don’t work. Let’s actively manage our own money, put our hard fought dollars to work and build a future of prosperity.

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